and become more eco-friendly!

It’s time to rekindle our love of the earth and make sustainability a priority each and every day. Yes, it’s true: connecting with what we love about the earth means that we can better understand our environment and how to protect it.

Early beginnings

Scientific literature suggests that those who spend a lot of quality time in nature as children grow up wishing to protect it. According to the press release from a 2017 study, “… 87 percent of study respondents who played outside as children expressed a continued love of nature as young adults. Of that group, 84 percent said taking care of the environment was a priority.”

Nurture your relationship

Is connecting with nature still important for us “grown-ups”? Absolutely! While we’re all still arguably kids at heart, there are plenty of activities we can do to nurture our own relationships with nature. Use this preliminary list to inspire you!

  • stargazing
  • birdwatching
  • gardening
  • skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing
  • outdoor meditation or yoga
  • hiking
  • camping
  • wild plant or mushroom identification
  • foraging
  • watching the sunrise/sunset

Show Mother Nature you care

Our individual actions matter. For those beginning their environmental journeys, these eco-living tips are fantastic places to start:

  • Compost
  • Plant trees.
  • Waste less food.
  • Waste less water.
  • Learn to mend clothing.
  • Reduce your plastic waste.
  • Give up fast fashion and shopping as a hobby.
  • Shop second-hand or from local craftspeople.
  • Take up active transportation when possible: cycle or walk.
  • Read environmental books.

Spread the love

It’s essential to couple our individual eco-actions with collective eco-action. What does this mean? Once again, it comes back to love. When we work collectively, we work out of love for our shared planet, as well as its inhabitants.

Consider starting with what you love. For example, if you enjoy shopping for local, organic produce (without plastic packaging!) from your farmers’ market, perhaps volunteer for a group that works to improve food security in your city.

Here is a nonexhaustive list of collective eco efforts that may ultimately deepen our relationship with the world we live in:

  • Start a community garden.
  • Host a clothing swap.
  • Create a local “buy nothing” group.
  • Organize a shoreline cleanup or litter pickup.
  • Get involved with a volunteer cause.
  • Teach others what you know, such as knitting or foraging.
  • Attend local meetings and town halls (many occur virtually).
  • Write to your politicians to express your views.
  • Donate to environmental or social causes.
  • Spread the word to others.

The natural world is a beautiful place that deserves love, respect, and protection. This Valentine’s Day, and every day, let’s love our planet—and its people—with all our hearts.