The basic needs for waiting out the COVID-19 scare

With COVID-19 response measures increasing, including the need for self-quarantine, tensions are also rising. At first thought, getting to lounge around the house in your PJs may sound like a welcome retreat. But there are also lots of preparations you might want to take before having to shut yourself in, to make sure you have what you need—and to make sure you don’t get too bored or anxious at home. Here’s a list of tips to prep yourself for a quarantine.

What exactly is a quarantine?

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests anyone who has recently travelled, feels sick, or has come into contact with someone infected with COVID-19 should voluntarily self-quarantine. This may mean that you stay at home, don’t interact with anyone outside your home (especially the elderly), and have your food delivered to your house. Be sure, though, to check with your local government or health authorities to find out what specific measures are in place in your community.

Even if none of these reasons for self-quarantine apply, it’s still suggested that you practise physical distancing. And, you should definitely stay tuned to your local government and/or health authorities to stay up to date on changing conditions and measures.

Start your food prep

If you haven’t already done so, it’s a great time to stock up your pantry, so you can be prepared. Consider items like canned beans or chickpeas, root vegetables, spices, and more for throwing together a hearty dish. When stocking up on fruits and veggies, aim for frozen, canned, or dehydrated forms that’ll keep for a long time.

Keep your immune system happy

Your immune health is always important—COVID-19 or not. Try to prioritize sleep and self-care. Exercise regularly, such as with workout videos or yoga. You may also wish to consider some immune-supportive supplements, with the guidance of your health care practitioner. Examples include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Ginger
  • Echinacea
  • Quercetin
  • Oil of oregano

Chill out!

Look, there’s no denying it: this is a strange and worrying time. With so much uncertainty and news cycles putting out alarming and ever-changing headlines, there’s absolutely no shame in admitting that you may be feeling a bit of stress. While hanging out at home, try to keep up with personal techniques that help you feel a little more Zen, whether that’s meditation, baking, or watching a movie marathon. Adapting to stress is important so that our bodies won’t feel overwhelmed by the negative effects, so be sure to show yourself some love.

And, finally, an obvious but necessary tip: don’t panic! Stay positive, stay healthy, and stay safe.